Dryer Venting Products Summary

The InOvate product lineup is based on a determined focus on dryer exhaust safety and efficiency.  Product development includes relentless attention to the smallest detail, ensuring premium quality and superior performance.  The following summaries are designed for a quick introduction.  Please do visit each site for more detail.  Each product possesses a unique set of benefits that bring real value to every project.
The Video Gallery is a great place to start learning about the many offerings that InOvate brings to your laundry room.

Recessed Dryer Receptacle

Recessing exhaust connections in the wall keeps transition hose safe.  The risk a dryer will crush the hose by vibrating back against the wall—and the fire hazard this immediately creates—is eliminated.

Advanced 4" Worm Drive Clamps

Stainless steel band and multi-driver screw head (flat, Phillips and hex) combine to make DryerClamps easier to install, delivering a durable, solid dryer connection.

500% More Airflow Efficient Elbows

Code approved to allow longer duct runs, Dryer-Ells are smooth interior long radius dryer elbows that eliminate the duct run penalty required for other elbows.

Safe Dryer Transition Hose

DryerFlex combines the ease of use and flexibility of foil flex with the fire resistance and efficiency of semi-rigid.

Efficient Dryer Roof Termination

DryerJacks are the first roof vents designed to meet the more stringent requirements for dryer venting. The position and curvature of the damper combined with collar placement optimize airflow efficiency.

Code Required Length Identification Label

DryerPlacard permanent identification signs simplify compliance with code and appliance manufacturer run-length restrictions.

Durable Dryer Wall Vent Termination

Engineered for a quick, perfect fit for new construction and vent replacement, this stylish, well-built vent meets or exceeds all requirements for safe dryer venting. Galvanized steel and powder coated, available in white, tan and brown, they're the last wall vent a home will ever need.

Exhaust System Pest Protection

Keep pests like birds and squirrels from making a home in exhaust systems with the Defender. Vertical bars keep animals at bay while minimizing lint buildup. This vent cover is made of zinc coated steel that is also powder coated to stand the test of time.