Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property

To ensure continued success and protect the resources required to re-invest heavily in product quality and superior service,
InOvate vigorously defends all intellectual property rights.

Usage Guidelines

No protected material, including published copy, trademarks, trade dress, patents or other intellectual property may be used or disseminated without the express written consent of InOvate unless specifically outlined in the Authorized Usage Agreements available through InOvate.  While the information published on this website attempts to represent usage policies, it is a work in progress and may not include all protected rights information.  All additional rights under national and international intellectual property laws are reserved.

A word of caution to webmasters with an interest in search engine optimization: in addition to the legal ramifications of flagrant plagiarism, most search engines reward sites with unique content and some even penalize sites with duplicate content.  InOvate prides itself on being a unique content developer and as being a source for educating more people about dryer safety and efficiency.  Feel free to use any content as a research tool for developing your unique content.  Simply copying and pasting text and images does more harm than good.  Also, please do see the Permission Requests section if you have an interest in getting free, distinct content custom developed for your objectives.

Recognized Professional Media Usage

Usage of InOvate trade names is permitted provided the use is for reference and / or education and reflects favorably and / or is objectively comparative as long as proper trademark notice (as noted below in "Required Notice for Trademark Usage") is included.  Considerable resources are available for recognized media: please also see the Permission Requests section below.

Wholesale, Retail and Service Partner Usage

Please refer to your Partner Agreement or discuss usage options on an individual basis with your dedicated service manager.  Only InOvate and authorized resellers may use any InOvate intellectual property in sales and promotional material.  InOvate marketing can provide custom material that is production-ready and incorporates your branding tools to present them in a format that is harmonious with brand personality goals for each product family.  We request, but do not require, review of all promotional material disseminated by our partners.  Proper trademark notice (as noted below in "Required Notice for Trademark Usage") is required for all disseminated material.

Permission Requests

Protected copyright property includes, but is not limited to, original InOvate authoring of written words, literature, art, music, photography, video, CAD files, portable document files and more.

Please submit a detailed request in writing to Vice President of Marketing, Todd Peach, in the event you wish to gain license and make use of any InOvate copyrighted material or have any questions concerning licensing or usage.  Providing as much usage detail as possible, including what information will be surrounding InOvate property, will help speed the approval process.

Information about many InOvate products can be very useful to the general public.  While we aggressively protect intellectual property, we also have in-depth programs in place to help third party interests educate more people about dryer safety and efficiency.


The absence of a trademark, logo, service name or other device does not constitute a waiver of InOvate's trademark or other intellectual property rights.

Dryer Placard™
Give the Dryer Some Space™


InOvate R&D is continually in the process of submitting new patent applications.  Current patent & patent pending information may be available with national and international government bureaus.

Required Notice for Trademark Usage

The appropriate trademark symbol must be used the first time any InOvate trade name appears in the content of any work including, but not limited to, advertisements, brochures, catalogs, blogs, editorials, information articles, product displays, product documentation or other communications describing any InOvate brand family or product.  In text, the symbol has to appear at the right shoulder of the trademark.  For graphic use of logos, the InOvate supplied inclusion of the mark must not be altered.

Also include an attribution in the credit notice section declaring InOvate ownership of the trademark.  For example, "the word Dryerbox is a registered trademark of InOvate Technologies, Inc."